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Hotel Macanao presents total occupation

Press Venetur
Macanao Hotel located on Margarita Island and recently recovered by the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Mintur), tops the list of most defendants in the lodging entity neoespartana because by a maximum occupancy of domestic and international tourists for year-end season,
they said the general manager, Carlos Farfan.

He also said that for Christmas (December 24) are few quotas, however from 27 to 06 January, the day of the Magi, Macanao will be at 100%, projecting the same way for the baseball season , Carnival and Easter.

Similarly, through the relationships established between Consolid Venetur and Argentina, it is expected that for the period from 27 December until 30 March, 60 people staying who will rotate weekly.

Similarly, Farfan said: "Nothing has changed, we continue to offer quality and service. In addition, work is in the diversification of tariffs to give greater confidence among tourists."

Finally, the General Manager reported that to date the package promoted by Venezuelan Tourism (Venetur), which offers 7 nights, airfare, transfers, daily breakfast and entrance to Parque El Agua, has been very receptive and will continue offering products both for the high season and for the casualties. Venetur Press / Press Mintur.


Hotel Margarita Hilton hotel occupancy recorded near 100%

Photo: JJ Aguilarte
The Hotel Margarita Hilton recorded a level of close to 100% occupancy and is preparing to meet the quota of visitors expected to fill those facilities in the upcoming holiday season. This was announced head of the ministry of People's Power for Tourism (Mintur), Pedro Morejon.

He also said that the transfer from the hotel to the National Government does not affect their operations and fulfill all the commitments. "In the hotel maintains the normal operations," he said.

The official said Sunday a meeting with the board intervening hotel to receive a first report of the situation in which there is the Margarita Hilton.

According to the above by the holder of Mintur, there was a considerable deterioration in facilities and debts to workers who have not yet been quantified.

The assessment process of infrastructure conditions will continue and then proceed to execute the projects required to restore the hotel and raise the quality of service.

"Initially it was going to recover the internal areas in the coming days and will take total control of hotel operations," he said.

For peace of workers, reiterated that national government guarantees respect for their rights and intends to undertake the necessary actions to cancel labor liabilities.

Along with the recovery of the hotel, Mintur intends to make the Margarita Hilton tourism training center, which can form the human resource that will serve in that area in the island state.

It has to do with the support of a group of specialists, among which technicians has extensive experience in tourism.

It also noted that currently works to motivate employees, as well as orient them on the perspective of a socialist enterprise under which operate the hotel. (ABN)


Cubagua Island out of the more submissive silence

The ruins of the city of Nueva Cadiz will be converted into an archaeological park, geologists and paleontologists. In this land of grace will not let its inhabitants die. For them, Cubagua is more alive than ever.

Marianela Peñate

Cubagua, one of three islands that comprise the Nueva Esparta state, begins to revive.

This land dry and dressed hundreds of cacti and thorns, are resuming after the bridle in the year 1541 a hurricane devastated. In this island want to take the submissive silence that was submerged 468 years ago.

This territory of about 9.2 kilometers long and 3.6 kilometers wide and belongs to the municipality Tubores today, is inhabited by 20 families of fishermen, people who see this little island a land full of grace, that despite its drought and few services are full of goodness that have harbored for years.

Cubagua is full of memories, as reflected in the ruins of Nueva Cadiz, the first city of the Spanish. As the story goes, was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his third voyage, in 1498.

In 1979 was declared a historical monument, marked by its cultural value, being the first city in Spain's urban new continent. Big rocks are now visible in the ruins now called Archaeological Park, Paleontology and Geology, rescued in the area working on the Cultural Heritage Institute (CPI), whose plans are aimed at making Cubagua a tourist attraction par excellence.

In the approximately two thousand square meters of ruins, we see part of what was the first Spanish cities in America. It had a church, courthouse, buildings, homes, convents and inland roads which are still perceive traces. To this surface displays how was New Cadiz, now a younger daughter of the island region.

There are still walls about 50 cm high, with the same stones that were built more than four years. Part of that metropolis was restored by José María Cruxent and John Goggin, during the 1950s.

De lo real a lo imaginario
During the tour of the ruins of Nueva Cadiz, visitors can see how that population was in 1498.

Gabriela Alvarado, director of the park, explained that the island was declared a Forest Reserve on 29 April 1943, and 140,700 according to Official Gazette on 19 July 2007 was declared a cultural interest, according to the Official Gazette number 36,996. It is from that date when the CPI begins to raise ideas on how to rescue Cubagua Island.

"There are many myths about this island, some say there was a tsunami and why it sank, others that the city was at sea level and in a city such waves subsided. But to date no one knows what really happened. That still in research. "

IPC President, José Manuel Fernandez, a few days ago said the aim of restoring this place is to become an attraction of the island region for residents and tourists to know the history of the emergence of Nueva Cadiz and also to change a little concept of tourism. "Tourism is not just the beaches and shopping, take into account the cultural centers. According to Fernandez, there are architectural ruins under the sea and said in their recovery work, as only found pieces of the time on the surface.

Directions to park
A 45 minute trip by boat, departing from Punta de Piedras, Tubores municipality, will take the little known but valuable history of the city of Nueva Cadiz Cubagua Island today.

To know the park there are two ways. First, go directly into the second boat and walking five miles from the Bay of Charagato to the park. The journey is long, but interesting, because we know the essence of the islet. The trip must be for the rest of the old road to avoid damaging the rest of the city of Nueva Cadiz.

The paths of two meters in width will be identified with wooden fences that will put the CPI so that visitors know data on the smallest of the islands in the insular region.

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Low price and sardine saw increases

Prices for the Sierra and seabream declined from 35 to 30 bolivars this week, according to market vendors of Los Cocos. The decrease in cost is due to increased fishing for both species.


Brito, a retailers of marine species, said in recent days the number of fish increased and thus reduced the cost by 14%.

The fair-sized kingfish was at Bs 30 is achieved in 27 and small in 20 Bs.

The sardine, which was missing and again five months ago to six kilos for 10 Bs, now get the same price but only kilo and a half, if "bargains" can get two kilos by Bs 10.

Velasquez Marys consumers, ensure you buy at the market because they Marino get better prices and fresher food especially.

The shark came to cost 25 bolivars per kilo, is now at 15. "Because of the high consumption of shark constantly varies in price," said businessman Jose Millan.

Some of the dogfish empanaderas replaced by rays, which was cheaper but the price of the two species are equal now.

For the soup
Consumers complained about the price of vegetables that are in eight bolivars per kilo in Los Cocos and 10 in Conejeros. "It's not as economical to heavy soup, adding the price of all the ingredients out of 50 Bs and only for four people," said Lorenzo Acosta. NFR

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Sol de Margarita has a new price

From Sunday 1 November, the price of the copy of the newspaper Sol de Margarita will cost two Bs.

This company made a great effort not to increase their price, but the increase in production costs,

mainly by higher inputs, led to this decision to continue to maintain the quality and number of pages offered by the Sol de Margarita day.

Sol de Margarita keeps its usual sections with information and entertainment services they are accustomed to our readers and advertisers, in addition to their daily supplements Classified Life Today, Sports, and the holiday week and Happy People.

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