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At dawn, the incredible blue sky is slowly captivated with a bright sun, so characteristic of the tropics. There are few visitors who do not succumb to a lovely day at the beach, however, there is a long list of other possibilities, we must be aware of to ensure you make the most of your holiday.


- Take a tour of the beautiful religious buildings dating from the seventeenth century, starting with the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, built in 1617, where the Virgin of the Assumption is a cult, a beautiful carving of the seventeenth century.

- Then proceed to the Church of Christ of the Good Voyage Pampatar patron, which owes its name to the beloved and one miracle, the miracle of fishermen, whose history dates back to 1748.

- Continue to visit the beautiful Church of Santa Ana del Norte, which carries within her religious images of the colonial era. Inquire about the Church of Juan Griego. This church is Gothic, and his cult is dedicated to St. John the Evangelist.

- In the valley of the Holy Spirit comes through the Basilica of Our Lady of the Valley (the Noble Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Valley), which is the miraculous Virgin declared by Pope John Paul II as the patron saint of eastern Venezuela, and Venezuela Navy.

- Another attraction of the island, are the historic buildings. In the ruins of Fort Santiago, The Caranta, can witness the great battles that took place here, and dating back to 1595, and was destroyed by Dutch pirates in 1626.

- During the colonial era, the Spanish built forts and castles to protect their ports of pirates. San Carlos de Borromeo Castle, vigilant monitors Pampatar Bay. Construction began in 1622 and was completed 20 years later.

- In Asuncion, do not miss the castle of Santa Rosa, submitted in 1680 and enjoy the splendid views over the capital city and the Valley of Santa Lucia. Inscribed on its walls are years of historical objects margariteño town.

- De La Galera Fort strategic location atop a hill between the bay of Juan Griego and La Galera, you can see the most spectacular sunsets around the Caribbean, but this brief moment demands punctuality. Plan to be there a few minutes before 6 pm and please do not forget your camera!

- Visit the Fort built in Spain in the seventeenth century, whose location was very important because it was situated on a hill in the city of Santa Ana North, halfway between Juan Griego and La Asuncion. Complete this pleasant trip, visiting Matasiete The column on the hill of the same name, historical monument built in honor of native patriots who defeated the Spanish in 1817.
- On the way to the Macanao Peninsula is delighted with the National Park La Restinga, which is 10.700 hectares (25.000 acres) and has 10 miles of beach. A boat trip through a fantastic maze of mangroves, to the final destination of the beach of La Restinga, is fantastic. Guaranteed to be a beautiful day.

- The Cerro El Copey National Park is located on the highest peak on the island in the Cerro Grande, 959 meters (3,100 feet). The access point is through Valley - The road from Sierra, which will take the mountain road to the National Park. You can feel the mountain climate while driving. On a clear day the panoramic view is breathtaking.

- Do not miss the Hill Guayamurí, which rises near El Tirano, whose shape resembles the famous Japanese volcano Fuji, or the two small twin hills situated in the plain south of La Restinga, which by its elegant shape, similar to that of the female breast, takes its name, the Tetas de Maria Guevara.

- If you are in Pampatar a ride in a boat to the Farallon, magnificent rock, located in downtown Pampatar Bay, with a statue of the Virgin at the top, looking out for the fishermen and divers.
- El Museo Francisco Narvaez Equal street Porlamar, permanent display of works of art museums by the same name. You will also find other pieces on display by painters and sculptors of Margarita and eastern Venezuela. Open Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm. (618668).

- In Pampatar, make your way to the Casa de la Aduana (Customs House) was built in 1863. Currently this building is the headquarters of Fondene (a foundation for development of State), but also offers a public display of the permanent displays of paintings and sculptures by local artists. Open Monday to Friday 9-5. (622342).

- In the transition from Juangriego from the airport, you will find a small town known as rustic construction Tacuantar Museum. Inside you will marvel at the incredible crafts from every region of Venezuela. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.

- A very interesting diversion, while at the Macanao Peninsula is to visit the Marine Museum in Boca de Rio. Upon reaching the entrance can be seen by 14.6 meters (47 feet) the skeleton of a whale, but that's just the beginning. Inside there are numerous species of marine life. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. (93231).

- At Punta de Piedra, La Salle University Campus, visit the Planetarium, where you can see the stars visible in the hemisphere. In the planetary DONOT to wait for nightfall to see the stars. For more information call 98,041.

- Finally, we recommend the Diocesan Museum of the Virgin of El Valle, located next to the Sanctuary, a beautiful place where you can admire the gifts presented to the Virgin, by his loyal followers, for miracles and favors granted.

Visited the islands of Coche and Cubagua
- Take a tour of the island of Coche, located just over an hour's boat ride on Margarita. Among other things, offers a horseshoe-shaped beach with bright white sand, calm waters, and total and absolute peace.

- In the car across the island is Cubagua. Here you will discover the ruins of Nueva Cadiz, the first South American city to be destroyed by a tsunami. Besides the very special beach, you can dive on a ferry sank in shallow water. - Viola Festival. This boat ensures a good time for all in the beautiful and exclusive car or Cubagua. In addition to diving, all meals and drinks are included as well as fun activities and competitions on the yacht (638363).


- The nights bring surprises in height discos for dancing until dawn, tropical bars, bars, cafes, exquisite, nightly entertainment, pool bars and casinos. The nightlife is varied and exciting. - Casino Hummingbird. Try your luck. Besides the tables, offering a variety of horse racing machines popular. Great gifts and live music. Open daily 11-6. AV. Santiago Mariño (640,550). - Mosquito Coast Drive. When speaking of the party in Margarita, you have to talk Mosquito Coast. Maximum fun until dawn. Located at the end of Avenida Santiago Mariño.