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El Yaque kitesurfing 1 El Yaque in Margarita known as one of the seven best places in the world having ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing, attracting enthusiasts from around the world, especially Europe.
Here are all the guest houses, B & B, hotels, Inns and Lodges. Playa El Yaque

Yaque Beach is located in southern Margarita Island, Venezuela sideabout three kilometers away from the International Airport on the island. The trade winds blow steadily at 15 to 30 knots for most of the year,and shallow sea extends south from the beach for several hundred meters,allowing the foot fallen windsurfers flat bottom sand. Like in most Caribbeanwater is usually between 22 ° -26 ° C,hot enough to allow windsurfing for hours wearing only a swimsuit or bikini. On a typical day,can see up to a thousand windsurfers sailing at any given time, along with other professional sports like water. Visit us

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Playa La Galera Juan Griego Juan Griego was founded in 1545 by Captain Juan Griego.
John the Greek, born in Seville Spain in 1541, was navigator and crossed the ocean for the new world. In Margarita,comensio its new business of transporting captives from Indigenous Macanao peninsula to Santo Domingo.
The city began to gain importance in 1811, the first year of the War of Independence of Venezuela, when it was designated as the port and the construction of a battery started to protect military. This battery was named Liberty. For this port entered Venezuela Simon Bolivar back in Haitiin May 1816.
Juan Griego was the site of important events during the war of independence, as the Battle of Fort, which ended with the slaughter of its defenders in Laguna Martyrs, on 8 August 1817 From this year, thanks to recovery of territory for independence army,the small colonial town began to recover from the ruins that had left the army of General Pablo Morillo realistic.

Its importance for the supply of Margarita was such that at some point Morillo strategy to subdue the patriots had been to isolate the city from the capital, La Asunción,and the rest of the population of the island to cut the supply of goods arriving by Juan Griego.
In 1819, the Congress of Angostura established there the Court of Admiralty, which contributed greatly to his recovery. In 1830, when Venezuela seceded from Gran Colombia, a maritime customs was created and its port gained national prestige.
In 1844, St. John the Evangelist Parish was created. Its Gothic church,built in 1850 by Fray Nicolás initiative Equal, is today, along with the bay, symbol of the city.
In 1904, the government of Cipriano Castro moved the office to Pampatar in the south of the island, which the business of Juan Griego suffered a sharp decline. Moreover, in the decade of the 20 th century due to the rise of oil exploitation in Zulia state in western Venezuela, a wave margariteños nourished, especially Juan Griego,He left the island in search of work to go to the people of the coast, from Maracaibo, Zulia state, until Tucupita, State Delta Amacuro.
However, the cultural activity continued to flourish in the small town. In 1932, a group of young Benefactor Society founded the Juan Griego, who welcomed long plays, poetry readings,concerts and other artistic events. Also emerged numerous journalistic initiatives.
In 1973, as consolidated democracy in Venezuela, Margarita island became a free port, and Juan Griego soon regained its place as the second city in importance in business and the number of inhabitants,after Porlamar on the south coast of the island. Investors of Arab origin who settled since this time in the city have given renewed impetus to the local economy and the rest of the state.
Today it is one of the most popular places in Venezuela for travelers and sailors from around the world, and in my opinion the best destination in Margarita.

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The variety of places to stay in, you can adjust your holiday to suit your needs. More than 195 hotels offering 20,000 beds. Well trained managers and provide good service. For a complete directory of all hotels in Isla de Margarita, Margarita can also contact Travel of Nueva Esparta. Tel (5895) 622514.

NORTH (Juangriego - Altagracia - Pedrogonzález)

*** Bay Palms. 16 apartments fully equipped, restaurant, pool. Urb Brisas de Juan Griego. Telephone 533,060.

***** Dunes. 204 rooms, 4 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports. Pedrogonzález Bay. Telephone 631,333. Fax. 632,573.

*** Festival Bay. 211 rooms, 4 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports. Silver Bay Urb. 56,070. Fax. 56122.

***** Isla Bonita. 312 rooms, 5 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports, gym, golf course. Pedrogonzález Valley. 657,111. Fax. 657,211.

*** Villa The Greek. 246 rooms, 3 restaurants, pool, tennis. Calle El Sol, Juan Griego. 534,280.

*** Villas Castilla marzo 48 apt., Restaurant, pool. Via Juangriego - Altagracia. Tel-Fax. 532,126.

East Side (Water - Guacuco)

*** Breezes Beach Club. 47 rooms, restaurant, beach, pool, tennis. Playa El Agua. Telephone 491,789. Fax. 491,666.

*** Casa Marina. 91 rooms, restaurant, pool, tennis, gym. Sector La Mira, Playa El Agua. Telephone 491,545.

**** Festivals Portofino Mare. 292 rooms, 3 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis. Puerto Real. Telephone 490,937. Fax. 490,980.

*** Golden Paradise. 90 rooms, restaurant, beach, pool. Boulevard Playa El Agua. Telephone 491,577. Fax. 491,177.

*** Karibik. 45 rooms, restaurant, pool. Playa El Cardon. Phone 48,624. Fax. 48,242.

***** La Samanna. 409 rooms, 5 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports, gym. Sector Apostadero, Pampatar. Telephone 622,005. Fax. 621,445 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*** Las Palmeras. 46 rooms, restaurant, pool. Miragua Street, Playa El Agua. Telephone 491,635. Fax. 490,377.

*** Miragua. 50 rooms, 2 restaurants, beach, pool. Miragua Street, Playa El Agua. Telephone 491,823. Fax. 490,509.

***** Playa El Agua. 290 rooms, 4 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis. Playa El Agua. Telephone 491,011. Fax. 490,466.

*** Pueblo Caribe. 96 rooms, 2 restaurants, beach, pool. Playa El Cardon. Phone 48,852. Fax. 48,737.

**** Guacuco Tamarindo. 163 rooms, 2 restaurants, beach, pool. Guacuco Beach. Telephone 422,727. Fax. 014-955896.

** Villa El Agua. 36 rooms, restaurant, beach, pool. Playa El Agua. Telephone 491,603.

SOUTH SIDE (Pampatar - Porlamar - El Yaque)

*** Eagle Inn. 90 rooms, restaurant, pool. Calle Narvaez. Telephone 612,311. Fax. 616,909.

**** Aquarius. 38 rooms, restaurant, pool. AV. Aldonza Manrique, Playa El Angel. Telephone 620,590, 620,727. Fax. 621,143.

*** Blue Lion. 70 rooms, restaurant. AV. May 4. Telephone 642,419.

**** Bella Vista. 300 rooms, 3 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports. AV. Santiago Mariño. Telephone 617,222. Fax. 612,557.

*** California. 47 rooms, restaurant, pool, water sports. Playa El Yaque. Phone 014-951907. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Casas del Sol **** 350 rooms, 2 restaurants, swimming pool, water sports. AV. Aldonza Manrique, Playa El Angel. Telephone 606,000. Fax. 606,290.

*** Coco Villas. 144 apt., Restaurant, pool, tennis. Via La Isleta. Telephone 742,944. Fax. 741,596.

** Hummingbird. 70 rooms, restaurant, casino. AV. Santiago Mariño. Telephone 615,645. Fax. 613,646.

** El Yaque Beach Hotel. Playa El Yaque. Phone 016-951276. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

** El Yaque Paradise. 26 rooms, restaurant, beach, water sports. Playa El Yaque. Phone 014-952182.

***** Playa Flamingo. 157 rooms, 3 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports, casino. Calle El Cristo, Sector La Caranta, Pampatar. Telephone 624,422. Fax. 620,271.

**** Hippocampus. 99 rooms, 2 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports. Calle El Cristo, Sector La Caranta, Pampatar. Telephone 620,454. Fax. 625,155.

*** Kamarata. 40 rooms, restaurant, beach, pool. AV. Bolivar, Costa Azul. Telephone 624,311.

**** La Perla. 284 rooms, 2 restaurants, pool, tennis, casino. Calle Los Pinos. Telephone 635,902. Fax. 635,511.

*** Lake Plaza. 140 rooms, restaurant, pool. AV. Bolivar, urb. Dumar. Telephone 617,845. Fax. 618,442.

*** Marbellamar. 126 rooms, restaurant, pool. AV. Aldonza Manrique, Playa El Angel. Telephone 624,022. Fax. 621,389.

*** Margabella Suites. 90 rooms, 2 restaurants, beach, pool. AV. Santiago Mariño. Telephone 631,252. Fax. 619,246.

*** Margarita Caribbean. 61 rooms, restaurant, pool. Dumar Urb. Telephone 641,624. Fax. 640,470.

**** Margarita Dynasty. 145 rooms, 3 restaurants, pool, casino. Calle Los Uveros, Costa Azul. Telephone 621,622. Fax. 625,101. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

***** Margaret Hilton. 280 rooms, 3 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports, gym, convention center, casino. Calle Los Uveros, Costa Azul. Telephone 623,773. Fax. 623,941. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

**** Margaret Int'l Resort. 217 rooms, restaurant, pool, tennis. Dumar Urb. Telephone 611,124. Fax. 611,667.

March Margarita Omni **** 138 rooms, 2 restaurants, pool. AV. Guayacan, Costa Azul. Telephone 623,310. Fax. 620,845.

*** Margarita Plaza. Calle Fermín with av. May 4. 100 rooms, 2 restaurants. Telephone 616,522. Fax. 616,955.

*** Princess Margaret. 40 rooms, restaurant, pool, casino. AV. May 4. Telephone 636,777. Fax. 630,222.

*** Sol de Margarita. 44 apt., Pool, racket ball, gym. Urb Jorge Coll, Pampatar. Telephone 620,689.

**** Margarita Suites. 210 rooms, 2 restaurants, pool, casino. AV. Santiago Mariño. Telephone 639,796. Fax. 637,096.

*** Margarita Village. 262 rooms, restaurant, pool. Dumar Urb. Telephone 639,111.

*** Maria Luisa. 98 rooms, restaurant, beach, pool. Raúl Leoni Blvd. Telephone 637,940.

***** Marina Bay. 170 rooms, 3 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports, casino. Abancay Street, Costa Azul. Telephone 625,211. Fax. 627,068. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

**** Puerto de L'Mar Suites. 325 rooms, restaurants, pool, casino. Calle 5, urb. Dumar. Telephone 642,412. Fax. 639,537.

**** Stauffer. 96 rooms, 2 restaurants, casino. AV. Santiago Mariño. Telephone 613,222.

*** Valu Club Margarita. 182 rooms, restaurant, beach, tennis. Urb Playa El Angel. Telephone 622,633. Fax. 622,778.

*** Villas Pampatar. 96 apt., Restaurant, pool. Urb El Paraiso, Pampatar. Telephone 623,525. Fax. 623,693.

*** Windsurf Paradise. 55 rooms, restaurant, beach, water sports. Playa El Yaque. Phone 016-816951.

Isla de Coche

*** Coche Speed Paradise. 48 rooms, restaurant, beach, water sports. Playa La Punta. Phone 014-952726. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*** Coche Island. 23 rooms, restaurant, beach, pool, tennis, water sports. San Pedro de Coche. Telephone 991,431. Fax. 991,132.

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Finding only 23 kilometers from the continent of South America, Margarita is a gateway to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Forest, savannah, and big rivers ahead.
After enjoying the magic of this Caribbean island, you should take some time to discover other places of enchanting beauty you never imagined and are easily accessible from Margarita. From Santiago Marino International Airport, you can take a short flight and arrive at the beaches with turquoise waters, lush jungles and hard to forget.

Los Roques.

One possibility is arriving visit Los Roques Archipelago, one of the largest marine national parks in the Caribbean, with spectacular white sand beaches and clear blue water. You will also find coral reefs ideal for relaxation of water activities snorkeling or diving, last of the profession even more.

Los Roques is a formation of 50 small islands and cays, completely surrounded by coral reefs. Its population consists of approximately 150 families of fishermen who fish for lobster skillfully, typical seafood found in these tropical waters. For those wishing to enjoy more time in these fabulous beaches, there are packages available with accommodation in small hotels in the fishing village of Gran Roque. These packages include food and drinks and bilingual guide.


Another option is a 25-minute flight to La Blanquilla Island, located 100 kilometers (62 miles) north-west of Margarita. You will not see the beaches and limestone cliffs with the help of the wind from the ocean, the erosion of the limestone has formed caves and natural bridges. Swimming in blue / green waters inhabited by coral formations and an abundance of marine wildlife. Excursions to Blanquilla include transportation, meals, drinks, and snorkeling. Since there is no accommodation available, is offered as a day trip only.


For those who want an incredible adventure in the jungle, must travel to the Gran Sabana, which has a huge area of beautiful natural landscapes that is in the jungle, savannah and majestic tepuis (table mountains). These tepuis is estimated at more than 3,500 million years, through the years, the summits of the mountains have taken on a floor or a "desk appearance" of considerable height. Unique species of plants and wildlife can be found on its plateau.

Angel Falls. One of the major attractions of these trips through the jungle is indeed to fly over the top of Angel Falls, which is considered the highest waterfall in the world measuring 1.005 meters (3.300 feet) from the Auyantepuy (actually plateau falls of evolution).

Canaima. This one-day tour in Gran Sabana includes a boat trip on the Canaima Lagoon to visit other waterfalls, and visiting a small community of Indians Pemón. The falls are quite impressive.

Arekuna. This camp is situated on the banks of the Caroni River, which forms many beautiful beaches and extensive. Take a river trip on a boat typical of the region (hallowed-out canoes) and visit the nearby villages of Pemon Indians. The ecosystem and landscapes are exceptionally unique.

Kavac. In the small camp at the foot of the mountain Auyantepuy, and Kavac the river, this excursion includes exploring the river and waterfalls to reach an incredible gorge leading to an underground cave, opened in a peak revealing a magnificent view of the heavens and a cascading waterfall enclosed by stone walls. This excursion will also visit a small community of Yanomami Indians. Considering that in the middle of the jungle, accommodation and food is excellent.

Uruyen. On the other side of the mountain Auyantepuy, this camp is similar to Kavac, however, the waterfalls near the camp, are very different. It is an unforgettable trip. One day tours only.


The Orinoco River is one of the world's major rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean and measuring 23 kilometers (15 miles) at its widest point. The organized trip is 2 days / 1 night offers a trip down river, a jungle walk and a visit to Bird Island. To participate in some innovative activities such as fishing most voracious fish in all rivers of America: the piranha.


During excursions that do not have to worry about meals, as it always included as qualified bilingual guides are provided to assist you. Depending on the interest of each person, you can also explore the Gran Sabana, by jeep and visit the gold mines in El Callao, on the road. Now, if snow covered mountains you want to view, you should visit the Venezuelan Andes near Merida. Take a ride in the car the longest and highest cable in the world to Pico Espejo. From there you can see Pico Simón Bolívar measuring over 5,000 meters (17,000 feet) above sea level, making it the highest mountain in Venezuela.

Considering all of the enclosed information is clear that Margarita Island is truly your gateway to adventure tourism?

Explorepartners operates camps Canaima Kavac Uruyen, Los Roques, and the Delta del Orinoco. Http: / / www.explorepartners.com - travel. This efficient travel agency has arranged many different options on the island and the mainland. - Via Brazil. In addition to tours, which offer boat trips and adventure (Los Roques, Angel Falls, Canaima, Delta of the Orinoco, and the island, near Granada). EXP Tours. Offers by land, air and travel overseas, and that domestic and international tickets and reserve.

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For those who appreciate the sport in its correct value, the island offers a wide variety of activities to practice or attend as a spectator. In the Dome of the Assumption, from March to July, the basketball championship games will be carried out. The local team, Guaiqueríes, try to win the league, as they have done several times in the past.

Pampatar Bay will host national competitions and Latin American Jet sky, while Playa Parguito receive national and local surfers, and El Yaque will host the 2nd Annual World Windsurfing Competition. Margarita also be included in the course of this year the South Caribbean Ocean Regatta, given the success of the previous two years. (Contact 610.213).


Bungee. More than sports, this is an exciting challenge. Jump to the ground, held securely at the waist or ankle at the right time to make it rebound repeatedly in the air. Locate the crane at the end of Playa El Agua.

Delta wings. Although not permanently, you can fly Cerro El Copey, 750 meters (2,500 feet). Excellent conditions as a result of sidewinds, which can carry up to 600 meters altitude on takeoff, with an average flight time of 45 minutes to 2 hours. Contact: Mr. Omar Contreras, Telephone 014-950060.

Parasailing. Another option for entertainment, pulled by a boat flying along the beach the conch and sometimes even rock in the bay Farallon Pampatar. You float enjoying the breeze, sunshine and a spectacular view. - Parasail the Flyer. They are unique in that and continue the service. Very good service and experience. Margarita Hilton Beach (621,904).

Skydiving. It is increasingly common to see sky divers in Playa el Agua, during weekends, in general, the fall of 1500 meters. This is resolved by true professionals, as a hobby that requires full skills. Contact: Omar Contreras, 014-950060.


DIVING. There are plenty of places for snorkeling and diving. All are rich submarine fauna, such as colorful tropical fish, sponges, coral reefs, mussels and more. Outstanding are Los Frailes, a group of islets located northeast of Margarita, where you can dive in a natural pool or let fly a drift dive. Also noteworthy is that of the cliff, a rock formation overlooking the bay of Pampatar, with 15 meters deep and an average temperature of 25 ° C. It is possible to dive in the crystal clear shallow waters around the island Cubagua, where a sunken ferry not long ago, no human casualties. In addition, those with more time can plan trips to Blanquilla, witnesses or, where life and natural conditions are first class. - FOB Tours. We organize trips for small groups for maximum satisfaction. (628249, 014-953720).

JET SKY. Punta Arenas, La Galera, Concord and Pampatar, are the best places for this sport and have competitions from time to time. Most beach hotels also offer kayaking, pedal boats, bike rentals and water banana rides.

Sailing and fishing. There are some companies that offer medium-sized vessels from a private and exclusive. Margarita La Marina Yachting, currently under construction, filling a space available for this issue. - FOB Tours organize all kinds of tours, mainly cared for diving, but also has boats for skiing, fishing or just a soft ride. (628249, 014-953720).

Surf. Parguito Beach, located south of Playa El Agua is the ideal place for this sport. The current forms strong waves, thanks to penetrate rocky reefs in the ocean, with a precise angle. Every day, but especially during the weekends, the surfers gather, also the organization of local and international competitions.

Windsurfing. Playa El Yaque, which is behind the international airport, is becoming known as one of the 7 points higher in the world, given the speed and direction of permanent winds. That can slide on any day with a candle 4.5 or smaller, with an average of 29 ° C (84 ° F) and 25 ° C water (77 ° F) temperature, wind of 25 knots. Windsurf Resort Several have developed along the coast, offering equipment rental and classes for beginners.


RIDING. Far from the most crowded tourist sites Margarita remains a hidden secret and solitary wild side. For a different alternative, a little more adventurous, there's no better place Macanao Peninsula, where, among other attractions, rides along a very particular scenario, you can enjoy. - Cabatucan. This exciting option could not be in better hands than Cabatucan. Out of respect for nature and the environment, who knows the wide area. Beginners are welcome. More information via phone 016-819348.

GOLF. The one on the island is located in the Valley Pedrogonzález at the Hotel Isla Bonita. Its 18 holes, par 72, has a high degree of difficulty due to the winds of the sea and the coast is a few feet away. The course is open daily from 7:30 am to 4 pm, also for non-hotel guests, with the sale and rental of equipment available. We recommend booking a table by calling time out to Isla Bonita Golf Club (657111).

RAQUET BALL. The court is only in the Pit Bull Gym in Hotel Sol de Margarita. Open Monday through Saturday, also for non-hotel guests (620820).

TENNIS. Most hotels have the courts, some even with good lighting systems. Earrings are installing Lagunamar where local events occur and the Hilton, Dunes, and the Isla Bonita.

Sport and fun

POOL. Bars with billiards and pool tables rising popularity of each day. Combined with good atmosphere, music and friends, playing pool becomes a very good entertainment.

BOWLING. Across the Avenida 4 de Mayo. from Hotel Princess Margaret, is the only bowling courts on the island. Although not recently installed, you can still play some good lines and a good time with friends. Open every day after 6 pm, except Sundays