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The temperature in Margarita is determined primarily by elevation and other geographical factors and not by "season", as in the Northern Hemisphere. The only two seasons there are the dry season (December-April) and rainy (May to November) during the rainy season, most mornings are usually sunny or at least dry as the rains do not begin until the afternoon or during the night (normal).

Temperatures do not vary much during these seasons, and are usually as follows: 70 ° C. In the Central region, 80 low, near the Caribbean, and 80 high in the southern lowlands. The coldest temperatures were recorded in Margaritas highest mountain in below 40 degrees F. The hottest months throughout the country are May and August, while the best are December and January when there is also a great contrast between day and night temperatures.

The rainfall also varies in different regions, with the Atlantic coast is the wettest and southern lowlands being the driest. The average rainfall in Margarita is 60 inches per year, but dry in Margarita, as Marcanao Peninsula near the island of Margarita who receive a low amount of rain.
Margarita Island is outside the Caribbean hurricane belt.
Margarita Island has a favorable trade winds all year round so it's a nice place to live and enjoy kite and windsurfing.

Venezuela, general information
Location: Venezuela is located in northern South America. The geographical coordinates are 00 ° 38'53 "12 ° 12'00" north latitude and 59 ° 47'50 "73 ° 22'38" west latitude.

Borders: The country borders the Caribbean Sea to the north, Guyana and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Brazil to the south and Colombia to the west.
Official Language: Spanish

Currency: Bolivar (2.15 USD)

Religion: Catholic

Population: According to the latest census (2003) Venezuela has 23,232,553 inhabitants

Venezuela has 24 states and the capital is the city of Caracas, with 2,079,596 inhabitants (2003)

Climate: The climate of Venezuela is very diverse. The country lies in the intertropical zone and the wind comes from northwest and southeast. The rainy season is from May to October and dry season from November to April. The average temperature is 1 º -9 º C in the Andes and 38 ° C in the rest of the country.

Area: 912,050 Km2 and Venezuela has more than 314 islands.

You can find more information about Venezuela, under the following link: Venezuela Destinations!

Are you sick of the usual fast food chains? Then come and sample the delicious Venezuelan fast food! Arepas (round, flat cakes made of corn dough) are available in various types: filled with chicken, different types of cheese, eggs, etc. You'll find them all over the island in the so called Areperas. Empanadas (stuffed, deep-fried dough) are usually stuffed with cheese, chicken, shark meat, beans, etc. are a common snack, especially on the beach. You are sure to find restaurants on the beach, so definitely, but you should find one of the pie is to try one of them. Hot dog (hot dog): You find a hot dog stand on every corner, as it is a common snack for the local population. Burgers (hamburger), probably belong to the best and most delicious types of fast food in Venezuela. You can not compare with burgers made by the famous fast food chain. In Venezuela you can buy burgers at every street corner and can be ordered with whatever you want, such as fried eggs, sausages, bacon, beef, onion and choice of different sauces.
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