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El Yaque kitesurfing 1 El Yaque in Margarita known as one of the seven best places in the world having ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing attracting enthusiasts from around the world, especially Europe.

Here are all the guest houses, B & B, hotels, Inns and Lodges.

Yaque Beach is located in southern Margarita Island, Venezuela sideabout three kilometers away from the International Airport on the island.

Playa El Yaque

Playa La Galera Juan Griego Juan Griego was founded in 1545 by Captain Juan Griego.
John the Greek was born in Seville Spain in 1541, was navigator and crossed the ocean for the new world. In Margarita,comensio its new business of transporting captives from Indigenous Macanao peninsula to Santo Domingo.
The city began to gain importance in 1811, the first year of the War of Independence of Venezuela, when it was designated as the port and the construction of a battery started to protect military. This battery was named Liberty. For this port entered Venezuela Simon Bolivar back in Haitiin May 1816.
Juan Griego was the site of important events during the war of independence, as the Battle of Fort, which ended with the slaughter of its defenders in Laguna Martyrs, on 8 August 1817 From this year, thanks to recovery of territory for independence army,the small colonial town began to recover from the ruins that had left the army of General Pablo Morillo realistic.

villa marThe variety of places to stay in, you can adjust your holiday to suit your needs. More than 195 hotels offering 20,000 beds. Well trained managers and provide good service. For a complete directory of all hotels in Isla de Margarita, Margarita can also contact Travel of Nueva Esparta. Tel (+58424) 2998551.

NORTH (Juangriego - Altagracia - Pedro González)
*** Bay Palms. 16 apartments fully equipped, restaurant, pool. Urb Brisas de Juan Griego. Telephone 533060.
***** Dunes now Ecoland. 204 rooms, 4 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports. Pedro González Bay. Telephone 631333.
*** Festival Bay. 211 rooms, 4 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports. Silver Bay Urb. Telephone. 56122.
***** Isla Bonita - Now Hesperia. 312 rooms, 5 restaurants, beach, pool, tennis, water sports, gym, golf course. Pedro González Valley. Telephone 657111.
*** Villa The Greek. 246 rooms, 3 restaurants, pool, tennis. Calle El Sol, Juan Griego. Telephone 534280.
*** Villas Castilla marzo 48 apt., Restaurant, pool. Via Juangriego - Altagracia. Telephone 532126.

1f20706520f09478383aaaecFinding only 23 kilometers from the continent of South America, Margarita is a gateway to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Forest, savannah, and big rivers ahead.
After enjoying the magic of this Caribbean island, you should take some time to discover other places of enchanting beauty you never imagined and are easily accessible from Margarita. From Santiago Marino International Airport, you can take a short flight and arrive at the beaches with turquoise waters, lush jungles and hard to forget.

BayFor those who appreciate the sport in its correct value, the island offers a wide variety of activities to practice or attend as a spectator. In the Dome of the Assumption, from March to July, the basketball championship games will be carried out. The local team, Guaiqueríes, try to win the league, as they have done several times in the past.

Pampatar Bay will host national competitions and Latin American Jet sky, while Playa Parguito receive national and local surfers, and El Yaque will host the 2nd Annual World Windsurfing Competition. Margarita also be included in the course of this year the South Caribbean Ocean Regatta, given the success of the previous two years.

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El Yaque Ranch
El Yaque Ranch starstar
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Lomas del Yaque, El Yaque, 6301, Nueva Esparta, VE

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Posada La Iguana
Posada La Iguana starstar
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Avenida Principal El Yaque, El Yaque, 6301, Nueva Esparta, VE

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Sailboat Black Pearl
Sailboat Black Pearl
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Concorde Marine., Isla Margarita, 6301, Nueva Esparta, VE

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Casa margariteña
Casa margariteña starstarstarstar superior
$73   Per night

Calle Nueva Cadiz, Pampatar, 6316, Nueva Esparta, VE

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Hotel La Plaza
Hotel La Plaza starstarstarstar superior
$41   Per night

Union Street home nro S / N Sector Centre, Arismendi municipality, Assumption, 6301, Nueva Esparta, VE

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Lake Plaza Hotel
Lake Plaza Hotel starstarstar superior
$50   Per night

Avenida Bolívar, Urbanización Dumar, Porlamar, Municipio Mariño, 6301, Nueva Esparta, VE

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Casa Perla
Casa Perla starstarstar superior
$14   Per night

Playa El Yaque, El Yaque, 6310, Nueva Esparta, VE

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