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Vía Playa El Agua, Playa Parguito, Nueva Esparta, 6301, Venezuela

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Posada Villa Cabo Blanco, the lodge is located on Via Playa El Agua, at Parguito Beach about 35 minutes about the Santiago International Airport Directions Mariño. You can take the road to Playa Agua and Playa Parguito where you find the posada. Managed by its owners a Canadians couple with their friendly and cordial lifestyle makes your stay here something super nice and with great comfort. In this lodge you will enjoy comfortable facilities to enjoy a great vacation as a 2 story building with 8 apartments with air conditioned and equipped with an all in one very luxurious feel.

Distributed as follows: 4 apartments with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom,2 apartments with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 1 apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2 Baths1 Bungalow type house with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with maximum capacity of up to 6 people; additionally also 2 rooms with private bathroom that has no cable TV, refrigerator and coffee for 2 people each.

All the apartments in Posada Villa Cabo Blanco are equipped ons bathrooms, air conditioning, kitchen fully equipped,living room with sofa bed, table and chairs in the terrace.There towels and set of sheets for each bed including a washing machine and dryer for your utilities also upon arrival you will be given toilet paper and everything for bathing your apartamento.Caja . Security privado.Internet WiFi and parking at no extra cost

Some of the activities practice in Playa Parqguito close dela inn are the following: Diving, Snorkeling, Golf (18 holes),Horseback Riding, Surfing and Wind-surfing, Island Tours, Excursions, National Parks, Game Fishing, Flight Ultralight, Casino, Shopping, Night Clubs -. Disco etc

Villa Cabo Blanco has special prices for groups from 12 persons, different prices for three weeks and more. All prices are per apartment per night,All taxes are included for your safety and the entrance to the property is limited and only registered guests only. Question!

Rm types

4 Bedrooms
Sextuple 6 pers.
D/B - 2 personas
Cabaña 8/p.


Food & Drink





Living Area


General & Area activities

Some of the activities practice in Playa Parqguito close dela inn are the following: Diving, Snorkeling, Golf (18 holes), Horseback Riding, Surfing and Wind-surfing, Island Tours, Excursions, National Parks, Fishing Height, Flight Ultralight, Casino, Shopping, Night Clubs - Disco etc


Check in - Check out times

Schedule Entry : 3:00 pm - Check Out: 1:00 pm


Driving directions

Playa El Agua 250 meters from Playa El Agua.


Airport Santiago Mariño.

Other transport

La Posada offers taxi, a block of urban transport facilities there.

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Posada Villa Cabo Blanco Average Rating: 10.0 - Total Votes: 1

10/10 100%
10/10 100%
10/10 100%
10/10 100%
Value for money
10/10 100%
10/10 100%
This reviewer told us :

Great place to relax. The hostel is very close to the beach, including gives to go walking. It is also near the main avenue that connects the sector of beaches to Porlamar. It is an ideal place for those who stay near the beach. Environment is quiet and clean and had no problem. Internet available and large pool.


close to beach




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4 Bedrooms - 01
Max person: 4
Floor: N/A
4 Bedrooms - 02
Max person: 4
Floor: N/A
Sextuple 6 pers. - 03
Max person: 6
Floor: N/A
Sextuple 6 pers. - 04
Max person: 6
Floor: N/A
D/B - 2 personas - 05
Max person: 2
Floor: N/A
4 Bedrooms - 07
Max person: 4
Floor: N/A
4 Bedrooms - 08
Max person: 4
Floor: N/A
Cabaña 8/p. - 09
Max person: 8
Floor: N/A
Cabaña 8/p. - 10
Max person: 8
Floor: N/A
Tariff name Room/property type Min person Max person Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
Tariff Sextuple 6 pers. 1 12 Monday, 13 February 2017 Thursday, 13 February 2025 33€   Per night 1 1000
Tariff D/B - 2 personas 1 2 Monday, 13 February 2017 Thursday, 13 February 2025 14€   Per night 1 1000
Tariff 4 Bedrooms 1 16 Monday, 13 February 2017 Thursday, 13 February 2025 25€   Per night 1 1000
Tariff Cabaña 8/p. 1 16 Monday, 13 February 2017 Thursday, 13 February 2025 41€   Per night 1 1000
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Villa Amarilla starstarstar at approximate 1.40 km
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Casa Lexi starstarstar at approximate 1.53 km
Price 26€  Per night
Posada Saint Michel starstarstar at approximate 1.59 km
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Promocion Margarita starstarstar at approximate 1.63 km
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