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Al final de la calle Fermín, Porlamar, Nueva Esparta, 6301, VE

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The Bahía del Rey Inn is located in Porlamar, two blocks from Santiago Mariño Avenue and four blocks from 4 de Mayo Avenue.

The Posada has direct access to the beach, near Restaurants, Bingos and Rattan Hipermarket, among others; You can walk to walk and shop.

Rooms and Services: It has 10 rooms distributed between double, triple and quadruple rooms, all with Split Air Conditioning, private bathroom, Cable TV and ample and secure parking inside the same inn.

In addition it offers the services of breakfasts and lunches inside our restaurant, and our greatest attraction the Direct Access to the Beach, only leaving the inn you will be treading the sand and breathing the sea air ...

We can also offer you awnings on the beach at super solidarity prices for being guests of our inn.

Children over 4 years old cancel as an adult.

There is no pool, we only have a direct access to the beach in view that we are in front of the sea.

The location is privileged and strategic, to save time and money on transfers, since we are 2 blocks from Avenida Santigo Mariño and 5 blocks from Avenida 4 de Mayo in the most commercial part of Porlamar, close to everything and the shore from sea!

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Matrimonial A
4 Bedrooms




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General & Area activities

One of the privileges of this nice place here is our proximity to the beach, as we are located less than 50 steps from the sea and the view that we have To step on the sand is infinite to the greatness of the Bay that surrounds us.

A taste for us is to be able to offer the services of our own Restaurant where we can offer a great variety of dishes, which will surely be to your liking, but we will not miss the opportunity to pass a secret ... do not stop trying our pizza made A real oven to the firewood.

In any part of the world where there is a fascination to know the new, and what characterizes each place, it is of great advantage to the visitor to be located near everything that is wanted to see, to know to enjoy and not to waste so much time in long distances, Especially if we have very few days to visit the tourist site, at this precise moment we will not hesitate to tell you that the location we have is unequaled, we are in the heart of Margarite, just two blocks from Santiago Mariño Avenue and four blocks Of May 4th, we are the only Posada in Porlamar that has direct access to the beach, 5 minutes you get the most visited shops of the Pearl of the Caribbean, you will not have to spend as much in transportation because being so close instead of spending You win ... and what you gain is time to enjoy our wonderful island. But beyond all that we have an intangible value in which we feel that is where our success lies, and is to know that we have a human staff that intends to make you feel as if you had moved your house next to the sand and the sea ... This is Posada Bahía del Rey

Beach days, city tours, fishing days, diving activities, snorkeling and visits to nearby villages are organized.

Check in - Check out times

Hora de Entrada: 15:00 - Hora de Salida: 13.00.

Driving directions

Bahia del Rey -Al final de la Calle Fermín, Porlamar, Municipio Mariño, Estado Nueva Esparta.


Aeropuerto Internacional Santiago Mariño.

Other transport

Tome un vuelo hasta el aeropuerto Internacional Santiago Mariño en Porlamar, desde allí use transporte publico (bus), tome un taxi o alquile un auto para llegar hasta el hotel.

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Matrimonial A - Habitacion para 2 personas 1
Max person: 2
Floor: 1
Matrimonial A - Habitacion para 2 personas 1
Max person: 2
Floor: 1
Matrimonial A - Habitacion para 2 personas 1
Max person: 2
Floor: 1
Matrimonial A - Habitacion para 2 personas 1
Max person: 2
Floor: 1
T/B - Habitacion para 3 personas 1
Max person: 3
Floor: 1
T/B - Habitacion para 3 personas 1
Max person: 3
Floor: 1
4 Bedrooms - Habitacion para 4 personas 1
Max person: 4
Floor: 1
Tariff name Room/property type Min person Max person Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
Habitación Superior para 2 personas Matrimonial A 1 2 Monday, 30 January 2017 Sunday, 30 January 2022 USD$15   Per night 1 1000
Habitación Superior para 3 personas T/B 1 3 Monday, 24 April 2017 Sunday, 24 April 2022 USD$18   Per night 1 1000
Habitación Superior para 4 personas 4 Bedrooms 1 4 Monday, 24 April 2017 Sunday, 24 April 2022 USD$23   Per night 1 1000
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